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Join our hosts and nerd-out with their guests: young, passionate women doing exciting things in STEAM fields.

The Web-series that is breaking stereotypes

Nerd Girl Nation is a web series that celebrates and inspires young women in STEM by offering authentic, exciting role models that showcase a wide range of career applications. Host Dr. Karen Panetta, Tufts University professor, NASA and IEEE Fellow, is joined by comedian Craig Low to discuss and dissect everything STEM from cyborgs to Snapchat with their Nerd Girls guests.

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Season 1 Episodes

Episode 1: Drones & Exoplanets – Watch Now!
Loren Grush is a journalist who “translates” all things science, while Sally French gives a new perspective on Drones.

Episode 2: The Girls Behind the Board – Coming December 2018
The magic behind movie sounds and the beats behind pop hits, Ginge Cox and Grammy-winner Laura Sisk talk all things sound.

Episode 3: User Experience – Coming January 2019
Why we prefer certain apps over others, Deypika Singh highlights the psychology behind a user’s experience.

Episode 4: Solar Impulse Girl – Coming February 2019
Paige Kassalen shares how she became part of the ground crew for the first solar powered plane to fly around the world.

​Episode 5: Sports – Coming March 2019
Autumn Greco fuses fashion and science while Alison Sheets fuses body mechanics and athletic clothing as an engineer at Nike.

​Episode 6: Comics – Coming April 2019
Superheros, Sci-fi, DC vs Marvel, it’s all things comics with Hope Nicholson.

​Episode 7: Disneyland Efficiency – coming May 2019
How the happiest place on earth keeps the park lines entertaining and the churro cart in the perfect spot. Karen Rockwell shares the secrets behind Disneyland’s efficiency.

​Episode 8: Aerospace | Original Nerd Girls – Coming June 2019
Travel down memory lane with one of the original Nerd Girls, Danielle Vardaro, who explains what ignited the Nerd Girls mission

​Episode 9: Bio-Physics – Coming July 2019
From Bio-physics to nanotechnology Mercedes Cornelius and Lisa Goel delve into the future of everything from medicine to clothing.

Episode 10: Hollywood – Coming August 2019
Technology and art work together to create movie magic. Find out how as Narcos-cinematographer Carmen Cabana and aspiring director Kathryne Jansen breakdown Hollywood.

Episode 11: Climate Change – Coming September 2019
Rashmi Shah from NASA’s Jet Propulsion laboratory explains climate change and Clara Nevins stands up as a voice for the youth.

Episode 12: Forensics Beauty Queen – Coming October 2019
From beauty queen to a forensic scientist, Alayna Westcom brings to life the science behind death

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